Samstag, 16. März 2013

Team Viewer Hacker v1.34

Our team, wich consists out of three people has recently found a vulnerabilty expoilt in the TeamViewer Tool. You are able to control the computer wich you are connected with.

What are the abilities, to use this tool?

  • Freeze the slaves computer
  • Control all of his content, without the knowing of the owner
  • Remote start the slaves computer.

We have tested the method now for serveral months and also with the newest version of TeamViewer are no problems. With this tool, you don´t have to be a hacker, to get access to another computer.



  1. Download a copy of the tool, by clicking on the link below
  2. Start the tool
  3. Choose what you want to do (Freeze, Remote Start...)
  4. Add the slaves TV ID and the password
  5. Press Start

After you have finished those steps, a message box will pop-up. It will ask you for example, where you want to save the stolen data. If you just want to freeze the slaves desktop, another message box will pop-up, where you have the ability to connect with TeamViewer.
The tool is clean and does not include any viruses and malware: